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Carpet flooring could change everything

Carpet floors provide the unique benefit of plush softness and comfort that is unrivaled in the flooring industry. As the only soft-surface floor covering available, you'll find it perfect in many settings. These floors provide more durability than ever before, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, and last longer. To find out more about how they could serve you, read along with us here.

What can carpeting do for you?

For homes with children and toddlers who are just learning to walk, this floor covering provides a softness that can prevent falls and the injuries that are sometimes associated with them. But that same comfort is appreciated in living rooms, bedrooms, and studies as well. It can help create the perfect ambiance after a long hard day, bringing you the respite you deserve.

These floors offer immense variation in appearance, with solid colors, patterns, and designs that help match any décor. What's more, you can create an ambiance that can enhance mood or even make specific spaces look larger or smaller, depending on the colors and formats you use. You can even choose something different for each area, for a beautiful diversity throughout your home.
You no longer have to sacrifice durability for the best-looking carpets either. Brands are now working on adding excellent features to the fibers of their flooring, including stain protection. This not only helps keep your floors looking great but can also work to alleviate foul odors that are often associated with ground-in stains and debris.

If you're ready to pick a floor covering that works for you, visit us at your convenience. You'll get to see and experience these floors for yourself to help make your choice even more straightforward. We look forward to the opportunity to help you find the perfect material.

We'll be your carpet showroom

If you need quality carpeting, be sure to consider Rettenmaier Flooring for all your materials and services. At our Dubuque, IA showroom, our associates stand ready to make sure you find the perfect flooring, and we'll make sure to match you with options that genuinely work for you. We are also prepared to answer any questions you might have about potential floor coverings you are considering.

We proudly serve the areas of Dubuque, IA, Peosta, IA, Epworth, IA, Farley, IA, Dyersville, IA, Galena, Il, && Platteville, WI, so be sure to stop by and visit us if you're a resident. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, whether you have a small project or a huge one. We'll do everything we can to be the carpet showroom you return to, again and again.