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What you should know about tile flooring

Tile flooring is likely best known for its impressive water resistance, making it a perfect material for damp, humid areas. But it also gives you the durability that helps it reach a lifespan of more than 50 years with proper maintenance. At the same time, you'll have the most extensive appearance options, allowing you to create visuals that are unique to your home alone. To find out more, read along now.


Tile has the versatility of attributes

The characteristics you'll find in our tile floors ensures you'll have everything you need for your list of requirements. Outstanding appearance options mean you can match your décor with ease, no matter what your style. You can even choose different options for different spaces while remaining in this product line.

In addition to all-natural appearance options, as with porcelain, you'll get beautiful liquid glass glaze covered ceramic tiles that allow you to create a wide variety of designs and styles. Since you can cut tile into any shape and size you prefer, it's easy to create mosaics and other intricate patterns that look great with any décor style. Mix up color options, formats, and designs to complete the look and feel you want in any space.

If you have radiant heating, tile floors are a perfect material, as they diffuse heat very well to warm your whole home. It's also incredibly durable, staving off scratches, chips, and stains for a floor that looks great for years into the future. But it goes an extra step in hindering the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, for a safer, healthier environment, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

Tile installation requires the hand of an experienced installer who has the training and expertise and the most up-to-date tools for the task. They also understand specific situations during the installation and can handle these issues when they come up. Before leaving your home, our installers will do a walk-through to answer any questions you might have about your new flooring.

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